Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Struggling With All My Blogging

I’ve been struggling mentally lately and I have had to have a really good look at what we are doing, what we are trying to achieve and the impact that all of that is having on our lives.

The glaringly obvious question that keeps kicking me in the ribs is “why we are doing this?”

See I love this business.

I love the fact that I can write what I want, when I want and that people actually listen.

I love the fact that I feel like I am contributing to something – rather than just being a Mom of 4 young kids.

We have been doing this for exactly a year, initially I was just doing it for 2 hours a day, now with a combined effort, and the help of a nanny we get around 4-5 hours a day.

For anyone that has been doing this for a while you will know that there is no way that we can achieve what we need to each day in that time frame. Well, not without some sort of serious outsourcing budget….which we don’t have.

Here is a blog I follow and suggest you do too!


Moving On...

But lately something has had to give.

Between illness (ours, the kids and the Nanny’s), parent teacher interviews, other appointments, computer crashes and life in general I have only managed to get any decent time on the computer for maybe 4 days a week for the last month.

And boy was I getting grumpy.

I mean really grumpy…. Think ‘Hulk’ grumpy

It’s not like I had been mucking around for those 4-5 hours, no, I had been working diligently, always doing something constructive.

I was getting grumpy because whatever happened outside my business – like the nanny getting sick – was impacting on my business and my ability to get it up and running. And do you know what was happening?

I started taking it out on the very people that I was supposed to be home for.

And that’s when I realized something.

This wasn’t supposed to be a full time gig, at least not yet. It was supposed to be something that I could do to keep me sane and maybe earn a bit of movie money from.

See I already have a full time job and that’s looking after my family. I realized that if I kept on the way that I was that I was going to look back and regret not taking the opportunities that I have to watch my kids grow up. All for the sake of a tinnitus article or two. And I’ll have plenty of time to write those articles when all the kids are at school!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Interesting Travel Site

Here's a cool travel and health sites I found. Some nice interesting posts lately that I can use.


Maybe it's worth bookmarking for later.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Legitimate Paid Survey Websites To Avoid Being Scammed

The important thing is, in the event the hoopla for online paid surveys seems too good to be true, it probably is. That is the safest method to screen-out "offerings" that hype huge benefits for modest investments of time or cash. Do not be misled by:

Testimonials -

Recorded Evidence - But only because somebody made cash at least once, does not mean that you'll. Besides, with the current computer technologies, you can now counterfeit just about any file and also make it seem legitimate.

Warranties - Do not don't think warranties that assure the Moon. Legitimate paid survey websites can not possibly ensure you much of anything, except that they will refund your costs if you are not fulfilled. But good fortune gathering your refund whether it's it is a paid surveys scam.

Dependable- and Sure-Website Symbols - Some debateable paid study websites show these symbols to signify they're self regulating in conformity with all the criteria represented by the symbols. Click the symbols to see where they direct. When they they do not direct to legitimate reviews at reliable websites (such as the Better Business Bureau's official, nationwide dependability website, the URL for which starts with https://www.bbbonline.org/) or the reviews are negative, be cautious.

The "fine-print" at debateable paid study websites frequently contradicts much of what their ballyhoo implies. Do not allow the hoopla alone promote you. Read all the fine print also and ask questions whether it's it is obscure or you do not comprehend it. Think think hard about distributing your private information to any paid surveys website that doesn't give an obvious privacy plan or arouses your feeling in almost any other manner. Avoid websites that do not answer your concerns in an effective and timely fashion. Keep clear of running business with websites that record only e-mail or PO box addresses for queries as well as other issues, as they may be fly by night, paid survey scams.

If therefore, keep clear of doing business together also. Website owners may be concealing their details behind proxy providers, for the reason that they are operating paid survey scams. Whois look-ups will even let you know if distinct websites were found from identical owners (unless they were filed by proxy). If therefore, be cautious about that also.

Seek advice from the Better Business Bureau for grievances against particular online paid survey websites as well as their possessors. But, bear in mind that, simply because there are not any criticisms, it will not mean that all who've conducted business with the websites are 100-per cent filled. More about about this is under.

 But, proceed with care. By way of example, the "rescuers" may say that all online compensated surveys are scams, with the exception of the "amazing chances" they have identified. But, what they they do not inform you, is they gain from advocating the "amazing chances". (The same is true for a lot of websites that promise to screen-out paid survey scams.) Cozenage-newsgroup moderators usually remove such messages. But, natch, they will stay posted until the moderators display them.

To find out more about preventing scams, begin to see the consumer guidance in the FTC and BBB. However, although equally have issued basic warnings about easy money schemes (including work-at home and online business-opportunity scams), as of this writing neither has expressly warned about online paid surveys. To problem special cautions, both bureaus usually require many grievances in short-order. But a lot of sufferers do not file charges, because they are embarrassed that these were were duped. Also, on the web paid surveys really are a reasonably new easy money scheme as of this writing. So, the agencies may not have gathered enough charges to issue special warnings. But this author is prepared to wager that it will not be a long time before before they do.

 There are a few warning flags. Additionally, you will find websites which will assist you to discover what is an actual home based occupation and what's not.

Ready to give you money and free products for review?

There are a lot of paid survey websites out there, the majority of them out to get your wages. But like every thing there are some exclusions. I myself have been fooled over once. Is everybody else around actually ready to give you money and free products for review? The response is NO. However you can find a few out there which are for real.

In this essay I am going to make an effort to clear up the enigma surrounding paid surveys.

While many people may find it difficult to trust, its certainly true that corporations will willingly pay you to take surveys. Why? Straightforward there interested on that which you must express.

Their goal could be additionally simply to enhance their present merchandise or to make adjustments because of the fact its not executing like they intended.

How can it work?

Its really quite simple you simply need to join market study panel.

 You need to actually do your homework before you join any of these business organizations. Ensure that you read reviews, read their FAQ and ensure they're the correct pages to join.

 Take in to account there's no limitation on the number of paid surveys it is possible to choose so the chances are endless.

How am I Compensated?

Usually they pay by email using an organization check.

Are these paid survey websites worth the cash?

Yes, in my own opinion they're really worth the cash. They build connections with numerous survey firms; they normally carry the greatest chances out there.

In conclusion

 All the best!!

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